Coeliac Australia

About us

Coeliac Australia is a membership-based organisation whose purpose is to enhance the lives of Australians with coeliac disease and related conditions whilst we drive the search for the prevention and cure for coeliac disease.

As the leading national registered charity offering membership, support and credible information services to Australians with coeliac disease and associated conditions requiring a gluten-free diet we strive to:

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    Drive the national research agenda in partnership with lead researchers and institutions

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    Link people with coeliac disease to information, education and support where and when they need it
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    Advocate to the international community, federal government, health professionals, food industry and business for health initiatives
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    Unexpected weight loss
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    Ensure a financially sustainable future for the organisation.


Coeliac Australia is a not-for-profit organisation. We thank our members, affiliates, sponsors, corporate partners and supporters for their generosity.

Every donation makes a real difference.

Please support the work of Coeliac Australia by becoming a member or making a donation today.

Our story

For over 40 years and from humble beginnings, Coeliac Australia has grown to become the respected national body supporting Australians diagnosed with coeliac disease and associated conditions requiring a gluten-free diet.

The Coeliac Society of Australia was formed in 1980 to provide a national forum for the existing state-based Coeliac Societies. The early organisation played an important role in the development of Australia’s labelling laws for gluten in food and pharmaceuticals.

Importantly, it established the Coeliac Australia Medical Advisory Committee to provide expert guidance on the development of key resources for the community and health care professionals.

In 2019 Coeliac NSW & ACT, Coeliac Victoria & Tasmania, Coeliac Queensland and Coeliac Western Australia amalgamated with Coeliac Australia to create a combined national organisation with members from all states.

The change in corporate structure means Coeliac Australia is a more efficient and well-governed organisation and is subsequently better placed to provide high-quality member support and services across Australia.